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Never lose out on money by trying a software approach first! With the ability to upgrade your level of service anytime, including up to a full service traditional plan with Jenkins & Jenkins, Estate Planning Attorneys, there’s no risk in trying out our Ready-Made Plans through our software, Estate Lock, first! With Trust Based Estate Plans starting at $599, you cannot beat the value for a high quality Estate Plan!

***Upgrade your plan to include an Attorney Review or Traditional Plan via our Partnered Law Firm anytime and your entire investment will be credited towards your upgraded plan. Just email us at Support@EstateLock.com and we’ll take care of the rest!

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Frequently Ask Questions

We offer deed preparation and recording services that may be added to any Estate Lock plan, and this is done directly through our partnered law firm and Attorneys to ensure this important step gets done correctly. The Attorneys will search property records to find your most recent deed, prepare a trust transfer deed, and record the deed with the County Recorder on your behalf. Transfers between family members prior to transfer into a trust may be added as well. Limited Title search, deed preparation, and County Recording Fees are included in the cost.

Our partnered Attorneys have recorded guidance videos covering almost every screen you’ll see in the questionnaire, and those videos are embedded within the screen they discuss, so just hit play and let us walk you through it. If you still have questions there will be a link at the bottom of the page where you can ask any questions and we’d be happy to assist.

We’ve made things as simple as possible, so many clients will complete the questionnaire in 20 minutes or less, but you’re not required to complete things in one go. At the bottom of the questionnaire there will be a link for you to send your questionnaire to your email to pick it up later. Come back anytime and pick up where you left off.

Ready-Made Plans will be printed, flagged for signature, and shipped to you in a customized portfolio within 1-2 business days (plus mail transit time).

Attorney Reviews of plans are typically sent out in 1-3 business days, though this may vary by a day or two depending on volume.

Payment isn’t made until the very end of the software, so you can get a feel for everything without needing to pay or even create a login.

No! Unlike many DIY solutions on the market, Estate Lock plans are not one size fits all, fill in the blank, templates. We’ve built a state of the art document automation solution that uses conditional logic to custom formulate your plan based on your entries. More than just a search and replace type feature, this allows for dynamic conditions to be added, removed, or adjusted within your plan to best suit how you answer along the way. And these aren’t just built by “an attorney” without a name – this was tediously created and is still maintained by Michael and Caroline Jenkins of Jenkins & Jenkins, Estate Planning Attorneys. They’re also the attorneys you’ll get help from if you choose an attorney review option, which makes this software solution one of the most unique in the marketplace!

Life happens, and your planning should be flexible to accommodate changes that do come up. With Estate Lock software based plans, changes could not be an easier. Simply email support@estatelock.com and request a link to make your updates online. One-off Amendments to an Estate Lock plan are reasonably priced, and a subscription based client care program will soon be offered where you can store your documents, make updates anytime you need, and stay up to date on the laws affecting your plan anytime! (expected Spring of 2024)

One of the best parts of the software based plans offered by Estate Lock is you can upgrade your level of service anytime and will only pay the difference, your original investment is never lost. If you start start a ready-made plan and end up needing more attorney support than you originally thought, just send an email to support@estatelock.com and ask to upgrade your plan. You can upgrade all the way up to a full service traditional plan, so if you need more detail and contingencies in your plan that require custom drafting, you can always enlist the help of the attorneys at Jenkins & Jenkins in a traditional fashion, without losing any of your money spent on a software based plan.

Estate Lock takes several steps to make sure your information is secure, the first and most important of which is to not have you include sensitive information (you will not be asked for your social security number or financial account numbers, as an example). This information can easily be handled outside of the software directly on your physical documents, so there is no reason to risk including it within any software.

All of the data you transmit is encrypted in transit and at-rest using industry best practices, including Transport Layer Security (TLS). Your data is encrypted at rest with AES-256 encryption in AWS data centers stored in the USA only. AWS data centers are managed in accordance with SOC 1-3, PCI DSS Level 1 and ISO 9001/ISO 270001.  Our payment processing vendors are also PCI compliant.