Levels of Service

Do You Have Attorneys Who Can Assist Me?

One of the most unique things about Estate Lock is we’re founded by practicing Estate Planning Attorneys! While Estate Lock is not a Law Firm and does not provide legal advice, we do have a partnership with Jenkins & Jenkins, Estate Planning Attorneys to provide limited scope and full representation to all Estate Lock users. You don’t get passed off to a mystery attorney who may not have a great understanding of Estate Planning, you’ll deal directly with content experts in the area.

Our service level options are detailed below:


Online guided questionnaire to build your estate plan.

Signature ready documents shipped to your door for notarization.

Pre-recorded guides to complete your plan, learn about your documents, and fund your trust.

Access to Estate Lock Support staff for technical assistance.

No attorney-client relationship formed.

DIY With Attorney Review

Estate Planning Attorney will record a video walkthrough explaining the documents you’ve created. Watch it at your convenience and save it to refresh your memory later.

Pre-recorded guides to complete your plan, learn about your documents, and fund your trust.

Email correspondence with Estate Planning Attorney to discuss funding your Trust or to answer questions about your plan for 1 year.

Limited scope attorney-client relationship formed.

Attorney Review, Guidance, and Document Completion

Live virtual review with an Estate Planning Attorney to cover any questions you have, discuss/make any needed updates to your plan, and to personally guide you on completing your plan and funding your Trust.

Mobile Notarization appointment to sign/notarize your final documents.

Unlimited access to Estate Planning Attorney for all planning needs/questions.

Full attorney-client relationship formed.

*Upgrade your plan to the next level of service anytime by contacting support@estatelock.com


What About Assistance With Transferring My House Into My Trust?

We offer deed preparation and recording services that may be added to any level of service above. Your contracted attorney will search property records to find your most recent deed, prepare a trust transfer deed, and record the deed with the County Recorder on your behalf. Transfers between family members prior to transfer into a trust may be added as well. Title search, deed preparation, and County Recording Fees are included in the cost. This service is contracted through Jenkins & Jenkins, Estate Planning Attorneys to ensure a licensed individual is researching and preparing your Deed.

A missing or incorrect Trust Transfer Deed is perhaps the primary reason most DIY Estate Plans fail or cause family to go to Probate Court despite a good faith effort. Estate Lock highly recommends utilizing our Deed Services to fund your Trust based plans to avoid this nightmare for your family!