The Consultation

An interactive Estate Planning Consultation to discuss the basics of Estate Planning from the comfort of your home! Learn the foundational concepts of Estate Planning as you guide this interactive video through the concepts that apply to your situation. Grab some popcorn and hit play!

Using Estate Lock

A video walkthrough of the process from start to finish – yes, you can do this!

What Type of Plan Do I Need?

Picking the right type of plan can be tricky for some. This video guide will help you land at the right choice.

Which Level Of Service Should I Choose?

Need some help deciding how much attorney assistance you want or need? This video guide will discuss some of the differences and what may be best for you.

Signing Your Documents

Once you’ve made it through the questionnaire and received your plan, the next step is to sign your final documents. This guide will take you through the signing of your documents and your next steps once you’ve signed

Trust Funding Guide

One of the most important parts of a trust based estate plan is “funding” your trust, or ensuring that everything you intend to, does in fact pass through your trust on to your chosen beneficiaries. This guide will help you deal with the most common types of assets and how each of them will either be changed into the name of your trust or have their beneficiary updated to be the name of your trust.