Affordable Estate Planning in California backed by a top-notch Law Firm

Secure Your Estate with a Ready-Made Plan from the comfort of your home in as little as 20 minutes!

With comprehensive trust based plans starting at $599, there’s never been a better way to plan if you have very simple wishes, a simple estate, and are willing to utilize software to create your plan.


Expert Attorney Crafted

Estate Lock's Ready-Made Plans are personally crafted and maintained by the attorneys at Jenkins & Jenkins, Estate Planning Attorneys - a top rated law firm!


Attorney Review Options

You don't have to go fully DIY to access Ready-Made Plans. With Attorney Review options and Deed Services, we're here to help make sure you understand your plan and that it actually works.


No Risk

Upgrade your level of service anytime without losing your investment, including up to a customized full service plan with Jenkins & Jenkins, Estate Planning Attorneys.


Easy Street

With guidance videos every step of the way, the ability to stop and come back to your plan anytime, and expert attorney review available, Ready-Made plans make this as easy as possible.

Ready-Made Plans are high quality estate plans produced by Estate Lock, an automated software developed and maintained by the attorneys at Jenkins & Jenkins, Estate Planning Attorneys. Our founding attorneys understand that not everyone is able to hire an Estate Planning Lawyer directly to complete their plan, and when things are very simple there ought to be an easy way to get a high quality plan in place. Enter, Ready-Made Plans via Estate Lock, the best way to get your simple estate plan in place and Secure Your Estate!

Trust Based Plans

$ 599/699 (Single / Married)
  • Everything in Wills Based Plans +
  • Avoid Probate Court
  • Protect Inheritance
  • Control Distributions

Will Based Plans

$ 249/299 (Single / Married)
  • Everything in Powers +
  • Nominate Guardians
  • Make Gifts of Estate
  • Make wishes known

Powers of Attorney

$ 49/59 (Single / Married)
  • Our simplest of solutions:
  • Name Financial Agent
  • Name Medical Agent
  • Express Medical Wishes

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Stop kicking it down the road...

We get it, Estate Planning isn’t exactly the most fun thing in the world. Trust us, we’ve made this process as easy as it can be for you. Remember, you can always come back to the plan you started and pick it up later and you have absolutely no obligation, so for once and all let’s get this done!